How To Lose Face Fat

When cheeks become fat, people become tense! Fat can accumulate in any body part, whether arms, hips, belly, thighs, or face, due to the accumulation of excess fatty tissues. 

Though chubby cheeks look cute, gone are those days when chubby cheeks were popular. Today, many people want a slim face with a sharp jawline and sculpted cheekbones. So, are you ready to lose face fat?

Losing facial fat can be time-consuming, but fortunately, many methods can increase the fat-burning process and help you make your face look slimmer.

This article will outline nine practical tips on how to get rid of face fat that you can use to help prevent and reduce excess facial fat in the long term. Continue reading!

Is It Possible To Reduce Face Fat?

Losing fat from a specific body part, whether the thighs, arms, or face, can be complex. Fortunately, there are some ways to make it possible. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can directly contribute to good health.

To lose face fat, you can also make better food choices that are high in fiber and nutrients, try to reduce your sodium intake, and get adequate sleep to improve your facial appearance by toning your facial muscles.

Causes of Face Fat

Numerous reasons are essential to know if you are wondering what causes face fat. The causes include:

a). Age

People experience lower muscle weight and high body fat as they age, especially the appearance of the face and neck, which changes a lot. Fat accumulates in the lower areas of the face, such as the chin and neck.

b). Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption can make your overall body weight gain along with your face. Alcohol, being high in calories, can dehydrate your body and may lead to bloating and accumulation of facial fat. 

c). Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise can lead to overall weight gain. So, to maintain a healthy weight, indulging in some exercises to burn fat and tone muscles is essential. Doing facial exercises can increase blood flow and strengthen muscles. 

d). Unhealthy Diet

Another cause of face fat is poor diet. Eating an unhealthy diet can contribute to body fat, which is directly proportional to face fat. So, it is crucial to make your dietary choices better.

Eliminate highly processed and refined foods, such as pasta, cookies, and sugar drinks, to slim your face. Try to follow the calorie-restricted diet to allow your body to use stored fat for energy.

e). Certain Medications

Certain medications related to blood pressure, diabetes, and corticosteroids can show some side effects, including face fat. 

So, while taking the medication for these medical issues, examine whether you are gaining some fat on the face. If so, consult your healthcare provider. Ask your doctor about possible side effects before starting any new over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medication. 

f). Medical Conditions

Sometimes, a person can develop a medical condition such as familial partial lipodystrophy, which causes fatty tissue to be distributed abnormally throughout the body.

Also, limbs may lose body fat while more fat is stored in the face. Another situation is Cushing's syndrome, when the body produces excessive amounts of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, for extended periods.

This can lead to a gradual swelling of the face, also known as the moon face.

These are some of the possible causes of weight gain on the face. If you are also wondering how to get rid of cheek fat, let's uncover the methods.

9 Effective Tips to Reduce Face Fat 

There are many well-researched methods on how to lose weight in the face, including exercise, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, etc. All the below methods will help you look smarter with a slim face. Let's uncover them:

1. Add Cardio

Cardio is the best way to make your face look lean and healthy. You can also add another strength exercise, like aerobic exercises with cardio. For best results, do cardio three times a week. 

You can add cardio like swimming, running, jogging, and cycling to improve your muscles and circulation of your overall body. 

2. Implementing Facial Exercises

Facial exercise enhances facial appearance, tones the muscles of the face, strengthens face muscles, and combat signs of aging, resulting in weight loss of the face. The most followed facial exercises are cheek puffing, smiling, and puckering. 

For the best result, adding them twice daily for eight continuous weeks is advised to uplift your facial appearance, improve blood flow, and increase muscle strength. 

3. Eat a Nutritious Diet

A great way to reduce face fat is to include a healthy and nutritious diet. Eat a heavy, rich-in-protein lunch to be fuller for longer. A poor diet with high calories, high salt or sugar, and lower nutritional value can make you gain unhealthy weight. 

So, focus on well-balanced meals with nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean protein. In general, try to eat three balanced meals daily and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

4. Drink More Water

Water is the key to the overall management of the weight. Water helps remove harmful toxins from the body and supports physical performance, brain function, mood, energy levels, and survival.

Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. According to research, people who drink more water before a meal consume fewer calories than those who don't. It also helps in sudden hunger strikes, promoting weight loss and bloating. 

5. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is directly related to several health problems. One such issue is gaining overall weight, including face fat. Lack of sleep releases stress hormones called cortisol, which stimulates inconsistent eating patterns and results in more hunger.

You can gain unhealthy weight if you do not sleep 8 hours a night. Quality sleep allows your body to repair functions, look refreshed, and burn fat more quickly. 

6. Increase Consumption of High-fiber Foods

Ensure your meal includes high-fiber foods like vegetables, plant-based foods, and fruits that make you feel fuller for longer.

Try to include more whole grains, nuts, and seeds, reduce your sodium and sugar intake to prevent water retention, and eat slowly to get fiber intake from the food. 

7. Reduce Sodium Consumption

Are you consuming too much sodium? Please stop it. It can be a culprit that leads to face and body fat. Reducing sodium intake can help prevent water retention, which aids in getting a slim face.

Avoid salty snacks, processed food, and meat products to cut sodium consumption. Consider including fiber-rich foods and salt alternatives such as rock salt. 

8. Limit Alcohol

Limiting your alcohol consumption is another effective way to reduce some face fat. Excessive alcohol can lead to dehydration, which makes the face appear swollen and puffy, preventing the body from retaining water and contributing to weight gain

9. Eliminate Refined Carbs

A diet rich in refined carbs can contribute to abdominal fat, leading to face fat. Avoid eating heavily processed food such as cookies and pasta, as they lack nutrients and fiber.

They only give you sugar and unhealthy calories, which may encourage you to overeat. Eat fresh, whole grains and high-fiber vegetables, which offer more balanced calories.

Some of the Best Face Exercises 

Your face also has muscles that need exercise to enhance blood circulation and tone facial muscles. To know how to lose weight in the face through some exercises, you can follow the one mentioned below: 

  • Puff Your Cheeks: Fill the air in your mouth by deeply inhaling from your mouth. Now puff up your cheeks and hold the position for 10 seconds. Then, not to put much pressure, press your palms on your cheeks if needed. Repeat this 10 times to boost cheek muscles. 
  • Lip Pull Exercise: While keeping your head still, lift your lower lip upwards as much as possible to stretch your jawbones for 15-20 seconds. Repeat this 15 times to get an instant slim jawline.
  • Fish Face Exercise: Keep your face still and suck your cheeks inside along with your lips like a fish face for 20 seconds. Repeat this 20 times to tone the cheek muscles and give them a chiseled look.
  • Chin Lift Exercise: Stand still and move your head backward, looking towards the ceiling. Now, make your lips a kiss shape to stretch your jawline for 15 sec. Repeat this 10 times to get a defined jawline and chin.
  • Jaw Release/Chew Gum Exercise: To do this exercise, you do not necessarily need to chew gum. Eat your food in a way like chewing gum for 20 seconds. Repeat this 10-15 times to reduce double chin.


Unwanted face fat can bother anyone, and many want to reduce it. Thankfully, your face can again come into shape by adopting some lifestyle changes.

Many things affect the shape of your face, leading to weight gain, like poor diet, age, certain medicines, etc. But sticking to a nutritious and healthy diet, regular facial exercise, cutting down sodium intake, and many other things can contribute to reducing face fat. 

So, include more fruits and vegetables instead of processed food, sleep enough, and notice that you are losing face fat; it is a good sign.

However, if age is the main reason for face fat, it is best to visit the doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from your doctor. Remember, working on yourself makes you more beautiful!


1. Is face fat hard to lose?

Ans: Losing face can be challenging, but using several strategies like facial exercises, a healthy diet, and cardio can be possible.

2. How do you lose a double chin?

Ans: You must follow a nutritious diet and exercise such as cardio and strength training to lose a double chin. It also supports the overall body weight. 

3. How does Botox slim your face?

Ans: Botox is injected into your Masseter muscles to slim your jawline and make your cakes more apparent.

4. Will cardio burn face fat?

Ans: Exercising like running, swimming, or cycling can reduce overall body fat, including facial fat.

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