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  • September 4, 2023
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Curtain bangs, known for their versatility and timeless technique, have made a tremendous comeback. These face-framing ideas can effortlessly elevate your look and add a touch of elegance to your appearance.

The curtain bang look was called on-so-stylish in the ‘60s and ‘70s. They are perfect for all face sizes and shapes. So, do you have curtain bangs and do not know how to make them your signature look?

Here is how to style curtain bangs with 5 ways to voluminous bounce. With our guide, you will find some interesting styling curtain band techniques that suit your hair texture and length best so you can look fabulous. Read on!

What Are ‘Curtain Bangs’?

Do you know about curtain bangs? Let us explain to you. In the '60s and '70s, celebrities like Brigitte Bardot and Farrah Fawcett curtain bangs were first made famous. In today's era, Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, and Camila Cabello follow this style. It is styled by parting the middle and brushing off to each side, starting with your eyes and face. 

A pro stylist, Dominick Pucciarello, shares that they are softer than straight-across bangs and are generally longer on the sides and shorter at the center with feathery ends that merge with the rest of your hair. Bangs can be styled with longer or shorter hair length according to your face. 

Pucciarello suggests some points to remember for styling curtain bangs according to face shape:

  • Oval face shape: For an oval face, the heavier the bang, the better. It's essential to tailor the bang length to the forehead. 
  • Round face shape: Wispy, thin, and textured. This will help widen a rounded face. 
  • Heart face shape: Make the shortest piece at or below the cheekbones. This is the best style for longer bangs. 
  • A square-shaped face: People with the broadest face point are likely to have sharp jawlines and high cheekbones. For them, long, airy layers and side-partition bangs suit well. 

5 Ways To Style Curtain Bangs

Are you ready to transform your look? Grab your styling tools and brush, and start fun with bangs. This instantly gives you a unique flair. Now, let’s know the top five trendy ways to design your curtain bangs. 

1. Round Brush & Blow Dryer

  • Wet your bangs: Wet your hair to make them stay voluminous and hold its shape. Spray some texturizing and holding hair spray. 
  • Spray your bangs with a heat protector. Remember to always use heat protection before applying heat tools on your hair to protect your beautiful hair from heat damage.
  • Blow dry your band roots up. Now, hold your impact dryer and a round brush in your hand. Then, brush your bangs in front of your face and curl the brush up. Place the blow dryer on your bang roots and twist the brush with your hair, moving it upward. 
  • Dry and make your bangs fall in your desired direction. Dry your bangs and focus on both bangs sides. Holding your round brush to the right side of your bangs and pulling your hair away from your face. Repeat the same for the left side. 
  • Brush your bangs forward and fluff them out. To volumize bang, repeat the above step, use your fingers or brush to fluff them, and spray the hair locker to lock the style in place.

2. Flat Iron

  • Separate your bangs apart from your hair. Place your hair behind your ears or tie it with a hair elastic. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, this styling is great for a flat and straight look. 
  • Make 2 parts of your left side bangs. With the help of a flat iron or straightener, curl each section of hair into a “C” towards your eye. Repeat this step for the other left section of hair. Let the “C” curls cool down, and then repeat the same for the right side. Tangle your bangs and brush them. With your fingers, flick your tips away from your face until they fall the way you want them to.

3. Curling Iron

  • Separate your bangs apart from your hair. Place your hair behind your ears or tie it with a hair elastic; only allow your bang out.
  • Cover your bangs around a curling iron rod. Cover your bangs and curl in the forward direction while dragging the iron to the ends. 
  • Clip your bangs. Curl the hair until the iron barrel touches your roots. Then, carefully take off the iron. Now, cool down the curl by clipping it with a bobby pin. 
  • Brush your bangs. Once it cools down, remove your clip and let them fall.

4. Hair Rollers

  • Separate your bangs apart from your hair. Place your hair behind your ears or tie it with a hair elastic; only allow your bang out. This styling is to get volume and bounce in hair. 
  • Use a straightener or blow dryer. Quickly drag a straightener through your bangs or blow them with hot air from a blow dryer.
  • Roll your hair using a roller. Brush from the roots through your bangs till the ends, and roll the curler towards your face. Wrap hair until you reach the roots.
  • Remove the roller after about 30 minutes. Keep the roller in your hair until it’s cool. It may take 30 minutes. Then, remove the roller from the bangs and place it on any side you want, whether left or right. 

5. Heatless Styling Methods

  • Wet Hair. Wet your hair and wrap your hair around a velcro roller towards your face. Let the wet hair dry until you remove the roller. This technique is about how to style curtain bangs without heat, which gives thinner, curly volume bangs. Secure the roller with a bobby pin so it does not fall. 
  • To the side of your head, pin wet, curly bangs. Brush your wet bangs and twist them together. Clip them to one side of your natural part for an hour, and repeat for the opposite side. Now, tangle your hair with a fine once dry. You can also braid or twist them if you have little time for styling. 

How To Style Long Curtain Bangs?

Long bangs are the perfect choice for a sleek and classic style. This bangs style is the ideal complement. Here’s how to style long curtain bangs:

  • First, blow dry your bangs and brush them. 
  • Blow dry so it does not bend your bangs much on the right first, then to the left. 
  • Make a quick drag of a straightener on your bangs.
  • At the end, hairspray to set your smooth and straight finish. 

How To Style Short Curtain Bangs?

You can choose a new look by making short curtain bangs and adding a curtain ruffle. Here’s how to style short curtain bangs:

  • First, separate your bangs apart from your hair and apply some heat protector spray on your hair. 
  • Now, place the curling iron rod away from your face at a slight angle and curl your bangs backward.
  • Now, take off the rod and let them fall. Tangle your bangs with your fingers as needed. 
  • Repeat the same on the other side.

Final Words

Now you know how to style your curtain bangs like a pro. They are versatile as they can be styled on a more extended, shorter hair look. These celebrity styles add volume to hair, enhancing your look endlessly.

You can make various curtain bangs depending on your face shape and hair length. Hopefully, we have managed to help you to find your perfect curtain bang look.  


1. How to cut curtain bangs at home?

Ans: To cut your curtain bangs at home, take a crown portion of your hair, partition it from the middle, and then cut each side at a slight diagonal angle. First, cut, make it a little longer, and gradually trim more hair according to your desired length. 

2. What face shape do curtain bangs not suit?

Ans: People with heart-shaped faces should avoid blunt curtain bangs, as they can make the jawline and cheekbone too narrow. Consider swoopy curtain bangs that cover eyebrows. 

3. How to naturally style curtain bangs?

Ans: For simple, hassle-free curtain bangs, spray a little on your wet hair, twist and pin the bangs back, and let them dry for 30 minutes. 

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