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  • September 7, 2023
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Tinsel is making a dazzling comeback in the fashion world. From runway shows to street style, tinsel hair is ready to top the trend chart in 2023, bringing the riot of color. Hair tinsels are becoming very popular among celebrities and making a statement.

These sparkly extensions won the show from the craze of highlights. This informative guide will clarify everything you need to know regarding hair tinsel. Here, you will find out what is hair tinsel, its benefits, how to install tinsel in hair, and more. Read on!

What Is Hair Tinsel?

Hair tinsels are thin, glitter pieces attached to your hair, just like hair extensions using micro rings. They add a slight shimmer, color, and fun to your hair. Bits of tinsel can be attached to single strands of hair or small sections of hair for more visual impact. 

It's not the first time they have become the biggest trend. They were trendy in the 90s and Y2K era. Women are falling in love with this fun, sparkle trend. They come in various colors like rainbow or natural tones attached to give a shimmer effect. 

This trend is for a temporary look, so you can try a new look after you get tinsel. Also, it does not damage your hair or change your look, preventing you from heat styling it. 

There is no single reason not to try this trend. This colorful trend will make your life youthful and is suitable for day-to-day style. Now, let's learn more about tinsel hair trend benefits. 

Hair Tinsel Benefits

Now, after knowing what hair tinsels are, below are the benefits of tinsels to your hair.

  • Add sparkle: Hair tinsel is best for non-permanent, non-damaging hair. If you feel your natural hair is dull, you can go for hair tinsels. They will sparkle your hair without chemical damage. 
  • Pick any color: Hair tinsel is available in many colors. You can choose your tinsel color complementing your dress, colors of the season, color complementing your natural hair, or a rainbow glittering tinsel.
  • Short-term glitters: Hair tinsel is perfect for people who want short-term changes in their hair looks. Hand-tied tinsel stays for 1-2 weeks. Microbead stays 6-12 months but can also be removed anytime. 
  • No heat-styling: Tinsel is heat-safe. You can use any heating tools with your tinsel extensions, like flat iron, blow dry, wave, or wave your hair with tinsel.  
  • No damage to hair: Whether it's hand-tied or adjustable microbead links, they will not damage your hair if you follow the directions carefully. So, this is a much more beneficial and safer alternative than permanent hair color. 

How to Tie Tinsel In Hair?

Hair tinsel is not only trendy and glittery, but it is also very easy to install. You can always go to a professional hair master to apply them to your hair. But if you are money-savvy and want to know how to put tinsel in your hair, we have you covered. 

There are 2 ways to do hair tinsel in a very simple way. So, grab your tinsel and do it yourself. 

Method 1: Tie-In Hair Tinsel Technique

Tie-in hair is a super simple method for anyone to do it yourself. 

  • Just take out one or a few strands.
  • Knot a tinsel strand at the root.
  • Then, cut its length equal to the length of your hair. 
  • Fold the tinsel in half, hold it with a looped end, and twist the loop to cross over the strands to close it. 
  • Pull the 2 loose ends with the loop and partially tighten them. 
  • Now, with the help of a comb or fingers, separate 1-2 strands of hair from the section on which you want to put tinsel. 
  • Grab the separated strands and pull them in the knot of tinsel that you made in previous steps. 
  • Now, pull the tinsel loose ends apart to tighten them fully. 
  • To make it more fixed, tie two more square knots. 
  • Now, repeat the same steps to tie tinsels on other sections of your hair if needed. 
  • This time-consuming and easy method best suits medium hair as it can securely hold the know. Also, it stays for 1-2 weeks. 

Method 2: Micro Bead Tinsel Extension Technique

This method is best for ladies with thin or fine hair. You will need nose pliers, a micro ring extension kit, an extension link, and a threader. The threader tool will help to loop and securely attach tinsel to small areas without tying knots. 

  • Load the microbead on the threader.
  • Take a single or few pieces of tinsel and grab it alongside some strands of your hair. 
  • Hold your microbead-loaded threader tool and force your thumb and forefinger via the loop opening. Now, pull your hair and tinsel through and slide the microbead on your hair. 
  • Stop below the roots, and with the help of your needle nose and pliers, adjust the microbead and clamp the lock.
  • Trim the ends and repeat the same for as many tinsels as you want. It will stay for 6-12 months.

Hair Tinsel Maintenance

Now, after putting tinsel on hair, it is essential to maintain it to stay longer and look better. Below are some things to remember to take care of your tinsels. Tie-in hair can stay for 1-2 weeks, and microbead stays for 6-12 months, but they can be taken out anytime. 

  • It is safe to use heat tools, like flat iron, blow dryer, waving iron, or curling iron, and you can style hair tinsel in any way. Just remember to use a heat protector on your hair. 
  • Avoid oily-based conditioners and other products at your roots to maintain your tie-hair more secure. They can slip, open up your knots, and fall out. 
  • Avoid brushing your hair and shampoo frequently to maintain the life of tinsel. If you brush your hair and feel loose, grab the knotted base with your fingers and brush smoothly with your other hand. 
  • Remember to be gentle with your tinsels as much as possible to make them last longer. If you regularly brush and wash your hair, trimming it will help prolong your tinsel, and your damaged hair will be cut, too.

Things to Consider

  • What color to try? Tinsels come in a variety of colors, even in natural hair colors. Consider the look you want and your dress. Vibrant ideas include rainbow colors, metallic silver and gold, and team colors, or you can choose natural colors with added sparkle. 
  • What length do you need? Most tinsel comes in 48-inch lengths, and you can trim them according to your hair length. While doing tie-in tinsel, you will fold the whole tinsel length in half before trying it so you have less excess length to trim.
  • DIY or professional? You can put tinsel yourself at home by spending on your tinsel kit, which costs $14. On the other hand, if you visit a professional for microbeads, you will spend around $50, which is costly enough. So, choose to install it yourself.
  • Tie-in or micro bead extensions? Both the extensions look beautiful in their own way. But for women with medium to coarse hair, or you want to try something new, you can opt for tie-in tinsel as it will remain for 1-2 weeks in your hair, depending on your maintenance.

Final Words

If you want something trendy with your hair, go for hair tinsels to shine. If you are trying hair tinsel by yourself, you will take a minimum of an hour, especially if it is your first time.

Ask your friend to help you out to speed up the process. You may have heard that practice makes perfect. So, the more you spend time installing hair tinsel, the better you become. So, it's worth trying at home.


1. How to take off microbead hair tinsel extensions?

Ans: When you are bored of tinsel, you can remove it at home. Grab the needle nose plier and tweak the sides of each microbead via the pliers until it takes the bead out of your hair or breaks down itself. Repeat the same to remove all tinsel.

2. How long does hair tinsel stay in hair?

Ans: Tie-in tinsel, when done on medium or rough hair, usually stays 1-2 weeks, and the knots effortlessly slip out. Microbead extensions stay prolonged from 6-12 months.

3. Does hair tinsel harm hair?

Ans: No, hair tinsel is hair-friendly. They are simple to install, uphold, and remove. Do not put too much pressure on the roots while tying or clamping the tinsel.

4. How much does hair tinsel cost?

Ans: You can complete your hair tinsel for just $14 with the help of a tinsel kit, which includes many tinsel colors, microbeads, and little pliers to secure the beads. 

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