how to heal a torn rotator cuff naturally

The human shoulder has many bones, joints, connective tissues, and muscles supporting the arms' functions. If you can do complicated activities like throwing a ball, raking the leaves, climbing, lifting weights, etc., your shoulder is well-functioning.

You may remain unaware of rotator cuff pain until you get hurt or injured. If anyone has this rotator cuff tear, also called “rotator cuff pain,” it can bring severe pain, and individuals may find it difficult to move the shoulder while doing daily activities like taking a shower, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and combing their hair. 

Are you one of those suffering from pain and discomfort? Then, you need to know some tips on how to heal a torn rotator cuff naturally. This article is the right choice for you to get ideas on eleven natural and home remedies tips to curb your “rotator cuff pain.”

What Is A Rotator Cuff Tear?

When one of these four muscles—the subscapularis, the infraspinatus, the teres minor, and the supraspinatus—is displaced from its proper position, a rotator cuff tear might occur.

Have you ever fallen onto a staircase suddenly and caught the ladder to avoid falling? There is a higher chance of rotating your shoulder cuffs in that case. When you experience severe pain while rotating your shoulder, you can use many healing processes while sitting at home to get instant relief from pain. 

How Do Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen?

Rotator cuff pain and injury happen for various reasons, which include:

  • When one gets hit in the shoulder while playing football or rugby or throwing a baseball.
  • If one falls suddenly during an activity like sweeping or climbing a staircase.
  • Overuse of doing the same action like lifting, painting, cleaning windows, swimming, etc.
  • Even age also shows natural wear and tear. 

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Problems

If you get injured in the rotator cuff area, it might be excruciating, and the arm may not be lifted crabwise. Once there is a tear, the pain intensifies at a higher rate and justifies that a problem exists. As soon as the pain gradually increases, there is a snapping sensation. The head of the humerus gets detached from the tendon. This occurs when more than one rotator cuff tendons are torn. 

Most of the common symptoms include:

  • Pain when you rest at night or lie on a particular shoulder.
  • Pain when you lift and lower your arm to do other activities.
  • Pain at the time of moving your arms on different sides.
  • Also, you might have observed a crackling sensation between bone and cartilage and also getting a grating sound. 

How Can One Detect They Have A Rotator Cuff Fracture?

Whether one has a rotator cuff fracture or not can be examined in many ways, such as:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI, CT Scan)
  • Traditional X-Rays
  • Physical Exam
  • Ultrasound
  • Arthrogram
  • Simple Painful Arc Test

How To Heal A Torn Rotator Cuff Naturally? – 11 Tips

Are you searching for a better option on how to heal a torn rotator cuff naturally? Then, the grandmother's natural home remedies are always best when relieving “rotator cuff pain” instead of medicine. So, in this section, let's explore eleven tips for getting rid of shoulder cuff pain naturally going to any hospital. Let's start here:

1. Make Use of an Ice Pack.

By chance you get injured and it affects your shoulder, use an ice pack on the swelling areas for 15 minutes frequently every hour. Just do it for a few hours. Repeat this three times a day until you are free from pain, including with physical therapy or exercise. Doing this might hopefully reduce your rotator cuff pain. 

2. Say NO to Doing Your Daily Activities for a Few Days.

Rest is always the best medium for pain that occurs due to rotator cuff displacement or damage and for other pain. It is a good way to heal faster. Sleep more, avoid doing overhead activities that tend to put less pressure on your shoulder, and are suitable for healing fast. 

If, in severe cases, you have rotator cuff pain or an injury, consult the doctor’s suggestion and still use a supporter sling to support your shoulder area, which reduces your shoulder movement. 

3. Do Ultrasound

When you have rotator cuff pain, an ultrasound is the best method to examine the condition of the shoulder. This can also speed up the blood flow into damaged tissues, reduce inflammation, and move toward healing. If any doctor suggests you do an ultrasound, this unique natural healing process heats your deep tissue and reduces rotator cuff pain.

4. Take Support of the Heating Pad.

Many physical therapists advise that someone with rotator cuff pain can use a moist heating pad. Make sure you use it for 15 to 20 minutes before exercising. Now, many heating pads are available in the market and online, you can buy and use them at your home.

5. Hook Up with Physical Therapy.

When you are searching for long-term relief, physical and occupational therapy is the best treatment. It can eliminate this pain much more quickly than steroid injections and surgery. If you have shoulder impingement or rotator cuff tendinopathy, physical therapy with recommended exercises is the best natural medicine.

6. Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods.

Are you wondering how to recover a torn rotator cuff naturally? Then, use non-synthetic methods and avoid inflammatory foods like sugar, alcohol, and fried foods. Always eat anti-inflammatory foods like tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, and nuts to heal faster. One can eat supplements, too, such as turmeric, ginger, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

7. Use of Natural Painkillers as Essential Oil.

Are you thinking of taking ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling? It is dangerous! Instead choose some better solutions. The best natural painkillers for shoulder pain are lavender, peppermint, cloves, and ginger.

8. Integrate Strengthening and Stretching Exercises into your Lifestyle.

Stretching exercise is the best choice for people with rotator cuff pain. It can foster shoulder movement and strengthen muscles and tendons. 

It is perfect for strengthening moves if you are doing stretching exercises. When you think about your shoulder muscles and tendon flexibility, do motion exercise twice a day, three to four times weekly. If you feel discomfort, then stop this exercise and consult a doctor. 

9. Do Massage Therapy.

In your affected and swelling area, you can use pain relief sprays and gels, such as Moov, Iodex, and Omnigel. Massage them lightly with the tip of your fingers for 3 to 4 minutes until the gel is not absorbed into your skin.

10. Doing Healthy Acupuncture.

As we know from ancient history, acupuncture is the most beneficial treatment done naturally in a holistic environment. We sterilize needles at home and insert them into the muscles of the shoulder. This will help to release tension and reduce pain in the affected areas. Doing this can free up the radial nerve, which is often jammed by the tight shoulder muscles, causing weakness in the arm.

According to a Memorial Sloan-Kettering Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics study, acupuncture works magic to ease pain such as back and neck pain, arthritis, chronic headache, and shoulder pain.

11. Doorway Stretch

It is a simple method. To do this, stand in an open doorway, warm up your muscles, and then spread your arms out to the side. Other stretches are the pendulum and armpit stretch. 

A pendulum stretch involves keeping your left arm on the chair and the other hand relaxed, tilting downwards, and bending half of your body. This is best for those with rotator cuff injuries. 

In an armpit stretch, you just need to bend down a little on your knees, standing close to a table, or you can slightly lean on it. The next step is to keep your two hands on the table in a stretching position and be relaxed.

What Are The Treatments One Can Get Apart From Natural Remedies?

Apart from natural remedies, in very severe cases, one can take anti-inflammatory pain medications, kinesiology tape, or kinesiology therapeutic tape, and surgery.

Pain relief injections can be very helpful in reducing extreme pain. If you are taking Cortisone medicine for your rotator cuff pain, then it is a perfect treatment. Because it helps to recover faster, take this medicine per the doctor's recommendation. Research has documented that consuming this medicine gives better solutions to instantly relieve rotator cuff pain.


Here are eleven tips on how to recover a torn rotator cuff naturally. Go through this article and use these quick and easy tips to relieve your pain instantly. So, when health is a concern, taking care of it first is very important. As there is a saying, a healthy life can bring happiness and pleasure when you care about your health. Pain leads you to misery and sadness, so to ease the shoulder pain, you can do these home aids available on your side.


1. What do you mean by rotator cuff pain?

Ans: Rotator cuff pain is usually prolonged when a crack fracture occurs in the tendons or muscles of the shoulder.

2. Can rotator cuff pain be ultimately cured by natural remedies?

Ans: Yes, it can be cured by integrating natural remedies to reduce pain. However, if the pain is severe and one is not able to bear it, then one has to adopt treatment based on one pain condition. Surgery and injection are something one can do after the doctor's suggestion.

3. Why does this rotator cuff pain occur?

Ans: When one slips from the staircase or suffers a sprain and rupture, the shoulder rotator alignment can be displaced, causing rotator cuff pain.

4. Where is the central position where this rotator cuff pain occurs?

Ans: The pain occurs in the shoulder, and it is sometimes difficult to move.

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